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Blessed be who enter here..

~Furry Pagans~
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Alrighty, first and formost, welcome to the Furry Pagans Community! Some rules

1. Be nice to each other. Respect each others religous belifes. There is no true way, we each make our own relationship with the Deity, or etc.

2. LJ Trolls Will be Banned!

3. Posting something off topic, or a large image. Lj Cut. Use it.

4. Prayer requests, spells, rituals, go ahead and post em and be respectful when others post em.

5. No flaming.

6. Non furry pagans are welcome here too, along with non-pagans. Keep an open mind.

7. Have fun.

8. No advertisng your community. At all. We have community_promo for that.

This community is maintained by the wily akomachi and is still being set up as we speak.