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The Shaman's Path

Hello. My name is Merlin (though the handle is Mortag) and I'm a new member to this community. I look forward to sharing experiences with all of you.

I have started on the path of a shaman in the Native American tradition. I'm not sure if there are any other shamen here but I'm curious as to how to go onward to being a shaman. How to start walking the path more directly. I have already started a spiritual relationship with the Great Spirit, watch carefully for animal signs such as hawks, deer, hummingbirds and other creatures and giving thanks for each blessing in my life and each day when it begins anew and burning incense. But how do I continue on the path of a shaman? How do I develop a relationship with a spirit guide?

The Great Spirit is listening to my prayers, I know that much. I went into the hills near my city to burn incense, meditate and give thanks and I felt someone listening. Each time I pray (once when I wake up and once before I sleep), I feel someone listening. There is just a desire to do more in my heart, to continue on the path to being a shaman.

There are a lot of questions I have: do I need a spirit guide? How do I approach one? What about a vision quest?

I'm certain that my spirit animal is a wolf; they've been in my dreams many times, I've dreamed of being one many times and I feel that I am one in spirit (so I'm a therian too). I also carry around a wolf fetish in a buckskin bag necklace (along with a fox fetish). Do I try to approach the wolf spirit for guidance on my path? And how do I do that? I want very much to deepen my spirituality since it brings me peace and happiness.

Even if there aren't any definitive answers anyone can give, the support would be very much appreciated. Powers bless and keep you.
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Welcome! :D