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new wolfie here

*walks in nervously, tail hanging low, and sits down* Uh, hello everyone. My names Ariake... I'm 15 and i've been practising Wicca for around three years now, and 'discovered' my furryness somewhere in between then and the present, though it's always really been there :3

So yeah, just thought an introduction post was in order... Hi!

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nice to meet ya!
Hiya! :)
Kon'nichi Wa Ariake-san!

well i am wiccan and i am a furrie ^_^

i'm a person that sees majic in the world still...through all the hurt and pain....
i am also a furrie(a new one at that....), if i was to give a discription of myself i would say
that i am a fun loveing kind furson....who has sometimes a dark mood about him.
if you could see me you would see a large cat with fur that seemed to shimmer between blue and a dark blackish eyes would be grey.....and seeing as i have fur there isen't much need for clothes other than to remain decent around non furres....if you all want to know more just ask ^_^.....also i don't speak i rather convey speach through a form of open telepathy.

i came acrost this site while looking for the kwookie womble song...which i cannot seem to find... *smiles* i have been practising eclectic wicca for about 15 years now...i have only found my furrie side within the last 2....kinda weard huh?
if you have any questions just ask

::Waves:: Hello...I'm kind of exploring around this. Kind of new territoty. Have fun exploring and making friends though. From what I've seen, furries are very friendly people. :)